The Best Way for Freelance Web Designers to Calculate Their Work

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It may be challenging for web design freelancers to calculate what hour rate they should put on their localancers profile. The newbies freelancers probably know that the equation which defines their price involves their annual salary  – $ 10 000, $ 20 000 or $ 50 000. But what they probably will miss is that  they can’t split $ 50 000 by the hours they have to work freelance on web design and get the real hour rate for what they do. The equation is not so simple but, hey, that’s where Localancers will help to all of you – web designers and not only.

Freelance web designers hour rate calculator

Have you ever heard of BeeWits? It’s a nice online tool that is designed to help web designers with the calculation of their real price when it comes to freelancing. There are many questions which answers define the price of freelancing services. BeeWits puts all of the right questions together and by their answers, the website calculates the hour rate of the freelance project. What’s more great than answering simple questions which will automatically define the right price for your web design services?

Though the service was designed for web designers, it is useful for other professionals and businesses as well, because BeeWits basically puts down all the guessing and gives relevant price arguments instead. Math is exact science and now there is a tool that let’s you use its equations for you freelancing purposes.

It’s a step-by-step experience which includes the amount of your current annual salary and the percentage you would want to improve your annual salary with. Then you mix it with working days, days off, national and religious holidays like Easter, Xmas, etc. and costs about supplies, rent, equipment and so on.When you’re ready with filling all of the fields, you must click on “Calculate My Hour Rate” button. Now you’re more than ready to publish your price in your localancer profile and explain why you charge that much down to the last cent. Ready. Set. Calculate!

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