3 Easy Ways to Fuel-up Your Creativity

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Every now and then are coming days when as a freelancer you have to start working on a new project. The first thoughts are: ‘Am I going to met the client’s expectations?’, ‘Do I have the creative power to impress this client?’ and so on. These moments are not easy but going through them is what separates the localancers from the dinosaurs ;). It is crucial to spark you creativity at the very beginning of a project and we have some ideas¬†for you how to make that jump.

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1. Write you drafts everywhere, anywhere

Whether you are a freelance writers, graphic designer or web designer, you probably will need paper and pen to write down your ideas. Most of them might be worthless but you have to keep the rule of having the courage to write badly. The improvement of your creative work will come later. When you’re at the very beginning of your work, you have to be detailed and write down everything that’s on your mind.

2. Change your atmosphere

Come on, you are a man of art and it’s almost guaranteed that a new environment will stimulate your brain for a breakthrough. It’s even proven by the science that the physical settings react with the brain cells and fuel their creation. On the other hand, what’s more suitable for a freelancer who wants to get rid of bad habits that the change of the atmosphere around him?

3. Limit your sources

21st century offers variety of sources that can inspire and give new ideas, but too many can easily transform into too bad. The productivity is like a living being and it doesn’t have to be overwhelmed with information. That’s why you don’t have to refer to countless number of resources, because you’re risking to write, design or make something that is more complicated than the needed. Set your own deadline, work trough your own time schedule and as it is in the music: the good rhythm will award the clients and you.

One last advice: hard work is good but it’s not good when you think it is the ultimate solution to everything. Creativity is needed and you have to know how to spark your and use it as an inspiration. It applies especially for creative freelancers. Good results will come.

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