How To Explain Freelance Pricing To a Client?

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There is one simple question and one simple answer that always go with the freelancer‘s lifestyle. “How much?” asked by the client, and “That much” answered by the freelancer. However, answering this simple question requires to ask others questions on your own before giving the final price. Why? Because you will risk underprice your work or overprice it, and that’s not a good thing for you.

Freelance pricing

By asking for details that help you get the full picture is a perfect way to handle this kind of situations. It’s important for you to understand how big the project is, how much time you’re going to spend on it and for how much time the clients need the project to be done. After asking the questions for the timing and complexity, you can easily ask the client about the budget he has. There’s nothing wrong in that, especially when you outline that the reason to ask is your willingness to offer the most realistic option.

Of course be detailed, but not too much. That means that when you meet questions like “How much will you charge for this?, your answer must not be like “100 dollars”, but rather like “between $ 70 and $ 150”. If you think that a project will cost somewhere around 100 bucks, Then answer with a range between this amount. In case your client doesn’t know what exactly he wants and what kind of budget he needs, you can take the lead and say “You can haven plan A, plan B or plan C for this amount.” This would make things much easier for both sides.

So the big deal in explaining your prices is a matter of approach. Get as much information as possible before quoting your freelance pricing. If you need help in defining your approach, you can ask your questions in the comments.

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