3 apps that will help freelancers to work smarter

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Different people have different weaknesses when they work as freelancers. However, what matter is reaching goals and delivering the best results. So that’s why we wrote another resources post about apps that can help you in your environment. Whether if it’s about avoiding distraction, packing your thoughts or giving you new tool for creating what you create – it could make small or big difference in your productivity.

When freelancers work they need some apps

1. SpeedTest

There’s nothing more usual for a freelancer than to see him working while drinking coffee in the park or some super cool local place. This app will give the freelancer the power to be selective with the places he choses to works at. How? It evaluates the levels of noise and of course the speed of WiFi. It’s like a litmus for working places. It’s welcome for every freelancer.

2. MindNode

Keeping track on 10 projects at the same time could be measured by walking ten golden retrievers around a chicken farm. It’s hard to organize the dogs, specialized in birds aportation the same way it would be hard to organize your work around the 10 projects you took on. MindNote can help you pack your thoughts and follow your ideas. It’s like a creative map that can help you create visual presentations of your ideas related with each project.

3. Brushes

Do you know who David Hockney is? The guy that made an exhibition with paintings, created on iPhone and iPad. Actually he did this with the app Brushes. So how about to download this app and start use it immediately if you’re a freelance designer? The app also keeps a record on how you created your paintins. So it’s easy for you to go back an recreate some things.

What kind of apps do you use for reaching better results and avoiding distractions? Share in the comments 🙂

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