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Is this freelance thing international ?

Yes, it is.

Q  Are you independent ?
Yes, the project is financed by FFF – Family, Friends, Fools (in a good way).

Q  Are you focusing on specific freelance jobs ?
Yes – all the freelance IT and creative people out there who are using some kind of web devices and can deliver online.

Could you be more specific ?
Software, web & mobile developers, marketing specialists; web, graphic and other types of designers, photographers, videographers, copywriters – all the people who are very productive in generating online and offline content.

Is this a new website ?
Yes, we officially started in 10.2014 .

Are you hipsters ?
1 of 3.

Are you nerds ?
1 of 3.

Where are you located ?
London, Sofia and Cape Town. That’s UK, BG, RSA. But we are recruiting friends worldwide. Check this post.

Names ?
 Who cares?

Q  Are you going to answer any more questions in Twitter ?

Q  Where can I read more about this freelance project ?

Q  Where can I register ?


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