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What is Localancers?

Simple directory for freelancers from around the world.
Designers, Programmers, Marketing Gurus, Copywriters and other people who can deliver remotely.
Awesome place to find people for outsourcing or just somebody to code your startup.


What kind of freelancers are using ?

Various specialists like Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Mobile App Developers, Sysadmins, SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation ) experts, Marketing gurus, Copywriters, Translators, Photographers, Illustrators and many more.


Is Localancers free for both Businesses and Freelancers?

At this point the idea of Localancers is to filter serious people who prefer not to participate in or for many reasons. Part of the filter process is to understand who’s willing to invest a small fraction in order to find the right serious people. Right now the platform is open for free for a limited time. Register here.


Can we register as a company ?

No. To make things more simple and easier to handle – we’ve decided  not to make “company” profiles. You are free to register multiple freelance accounts for your employes or colleagues on one or different addresses. Everyone can share the same portfolio link, but meanwhile reveal his/her own personality.


Why “Local” Freelancers?

There are many benefits to work with somebody that’s in your timezone, knows your language or understands your culture. At the other hand location-based approaches are very powerful and exploring a map is always a fun thing. Localancers could be used both locally and globally. It’s a very versatile international tool.


Why should I register in Localancers ?

If you  work with freelancers and do outsourcing, then you should have a Localancers account. There’s really no reason not to.


Why should I register if there are no Localancers in my area ?

Because you being on the map will make them join.


Why should I register if I have accounts in other websites ?

Every platform has its own advantages. This one is accessible via smart phone, tablets and other screens all around the world. Packed with clever filters and super fast loading – it’s one of the best out there. Does your business deserve 3 minutes for registration ?


Why should I invest 3 minutes of my time in creating a Localancers Freelance Profile?

Because this is a ridiculously small amount of time, compared to the potential benefit. You’ll gain a new innovative business channel in just a few minutes. A channel that can introduce you to a numerous potential partners! Even if you find a proper partner (a client or a freelancer) after 12 months – it still will be worth the mini-effort!


Can I register both as a business (client) and a freelancer ?

NO but you CAN register two separate accounts. Simple roles, simple relationships, right ?


Is the registration date important?

Like in every other platform – having an earlier registration date will generate more trust. Trust means more opportunities no matter if you are a business(client) or a freelancer.


Can I register and then upgrade my freelance / business profile ?

Yes, you can login later and update your profile with new information. More details equals higher results.


What’s the process of hiring Freelancers in

1. Register.
2. Make a selection.
3. Contact the freelancers for a quote.
4. Continue working directly with them.


I think Localancers is a great idea, what can I do to help?

  1. Spread the word!
  2. Share in LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook.
  3. Invite some freelance buddies of yours to join the revolution.
  4. Write to us with your feedback. We are improving this place on daily bases and your comment will be appreciated!
  5. Write a guest blog post about a freelance topic.
  6. Host a Localancers meet-up in your city!



Will you automatically charge my CC next year ?

No, we don’t believe in auto-renewal payments! If you pay once – you’ll be reminded to pay again when the next year comes. Simple payment rules, simple way to handle your profile.


What’s the most important information in my Freelancers profile?

This are probably the contact information and the portfolio link. Many people think that providing just an e-mail will guarantee them privacy, but actually a phone number and a skype username can increase significantly more partners.  The more details you input in your profile, the better. Keep in mind that non-registered users can NOT see your e-mail and phone number, so you are protected.


Do the Freelancers see my account information?

Every registered user can see the contact information of the other users. That’s part of the game.


Does Localancers guarantee that you will have a positive working relationship with the Freelancers listed on Localancers?

Nobody can guarantee such a thing. For example – Rating Systems have proven to be easily corrupted, but we are developing a set of new alternative tools and filters in order to keep the quality of the freelancers as high as possible.


What if I hire a Freelancer from Localancers with an untrue profile?

You should report him/her right away! We do not tolerate forged profiles. We are working on a report system right now, but the easiest way is to write to us.


Why are there no Freelancer reviews on the platform?

After years of participating in different popular freelance directories we’ve understood that every review system can easily be manipulated and it’s not efficient. At this point we are working on alternative tools to highlight the best freelancers on the platform.


Are you planning to develop more freelance-related services that will boost my Business? Can I share my needs with you?

Sure! Feel free to write any suggestions or feedback on how we can improve the outsourcing experience for you.


Can I delete my account in Localancers ?

Any time! Just drop us a line and we will ensure your account is removed. No strings attached.


How often can I edit my profile?

You can edit your client or freelance profile 24/7. Let us know if you have questions about some of the input fields.


How important is my phone number?

If you are a freelancer – it’s probably the most important thing in your profile. A lot of business people prefer just to call and not to loose any time. Time is money. Save some money for you clients. If you have a client-profile : you can experiment if this works for you. Some nations prefer to communicate more over the phone. Skype is always an alternative!


Can I hide my Localancers profile?

Once you fill in your information – it’s visible for the rest of the users. You can control your visibility by reducing it or make it more detailed. Most of the fields are searchable. We are trying to provide more business opportunities for everyone.


Why isn’t there any availability status?

We all are participating in numerous business and freelance platforms, right?. That’s the reason we believe it’s not realistic to maintain an updated status all the time. Hence – we have removed any unnecessary and distracting features for you.


Why do I have to choose a location where I freelance or do business from?

That’s the main feature of this website. To locate your business partner with a few clicks on the map is priceless. If you are a digital nomad – you can change your location anytime you want. Keep in mind that placing an intentionally forged location will result in banning your freelance or client profile! 


How many categories can I choose to be listed in ?

At this point we have 4 major freelance categories, which we consider as very user-friendly and easy to operate. You are free to participate in all of them, but keep in mind that focusing on one or two categories will make your profile more attractive in front of the potential clients. As an alternative you can always add skills and different keywords, reflecting your versatile knowhow – they are searchable and will boost your profile for sure.


Any tips for using the full potential of the map ?

  1. Use just one or two filters at the same time.
  2. Browse potential clients by browsing the different locations manually.
  3. Zoom with double click or the “+”, “-” buttons.


Why I can not search for (business) clients on the map ?

We respect the idea of the partial privacy. If you are willing to check for some business (client) profiles – you can try to do this manually.


What’s the difference between freelance Technologies (Skills) and Keywords?

Technologies = Skills. “Skills” is just an easier to understand word. These are different generic formats and conventions popular in the specific niche or category. A certain software could be a freelance technology. Having an “Adobe Photoshop” skill , for example, means that this person can work with Adobe Photoshop and manipulate images. Having a “film camera lover” keyword or phrase means that this person is a huge fan of such cameras and considers this as an important part of his life. Such person can be extremely valuable if  you want to develop a specific mobile app with retro-picture-effects, for example. In Localancers we believe we are better in creating interesting profiles with a lot of details that can trigger new business based on things that do not exist in other platforms!


What is feature called “Working Buddies” ?

This feature gives freelancers the chance to link up to 5 working partners and friends so that they can cross-promote themselves. Restricting the number of these “freelance friends” rises the quality of the selection. If one is happy with a specific designer, why not contacting his programming freelance buddy and gather a great team, possible to assemble only on!


Why should I take the time to add more Technologies to my freelance profile?

You can pick from a list of a few thousand technologies already in use in some of the most popular world freelance websites. We think preserving the convention will make the searching process easier for everyone. Adding a greater number of real Technologies you use fluently will increase significantly your chances to match with a proper business client. If you think we’ve missed some popular software or technology and you want us to add it in the list – please contact us. Meanwhile, you can add it in your keywords and clients will be able to find your profile, based on that keyword.


I don’t fit into any of the Localancers main categories. Why is my main profession not on Localancers?

Feel free to use the “Others” category. May be in the future we’ll split some of the categories and you’ll be able to add it.


Why some of the pins are forming “groups” in some of the cities?

Some of the freelancers are not willing to provide an exact address. If they select just the city – the pin (on the map) goes automatically to the geographical center of this location. We highly recommend to input an exact address or an address close to your real one, because this will differentiate you from the other other freelancers. Same is valid for the clients. The more honest the profiles, the better the foundations of the new partnerships.



Who’s behind ?

We are ex-freelancers now having our own web design outsourcing company in Eastern Europe. We are developing this project from our perspective. We have families and we value things like Skype calls in a convenient time of the day, little details that make our lives easier and our time spent in front of the monitor more fruitful. At this point we are NOT funded by anyone. No Venture Capitals, just passion. We’ll be happy to keep this organic. Follow us in twitter @localancers to understand more the team.


I think could be improved with different options or functionality. What can I do about it?

Keep in mind that we are improving the website on daily bases and we have planned a lot of cool new options. Feel free to share your constructive recommendations and suggestions on how we can make this Freelance Directory the best one on the Internet!