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As you may have already guessed the word Localancers comes from “local” and “freelancers”. This is because we want to provide a platform for creative people like you to source freelance work locally.

Okay, so does that make me a freelancer then?


You can read on Wikipedia something along the lines of :

A freelancer, freelance worker, or freelance is a person who is self-employed and is not committed to a particular employer long term. These workers are sometimes represented by a company or an agency that resells their labor and that of others to its clients with or without project management and labor contributed by its regular employees.

The thing is that these days the term refers mostly to the IT and creative fields as well as those who out-source. An example would be that of a developer that works in Cape Town for clients in Europe, a German designer working for clients in the US, or an Indian social marketing guru working for a British company.

So why do people choose to be freelancers?
  • Clients abroad are paying more
  • It’s trendy
  • It’s a different time zone, that fits the lifestyle of the individual
  • There’s a bigger variety of projects
  • Fame & swag



A lot of people are saying they can’t get enough from the local market. That’s not true. The thing is that there are many opportunities both for client and freelancer:

  • Local entrepreneurs have more trust in local freelancers
  • Local communication is usually easier
  • local people are real people who can become your friends
  • local people know how to penetrate the local market in the specific geo-area
  • Out-source in your country, help people with jobs
  • Out-source in your country – touch, smell and taste the project that you’ve built
  • Local financial transactions can be better value for money.
  • If you are good at what you do – your local recognition will continue to bring return business
  • Avoid the language barrier

These are just a handful of reasons why freelancing is a great thing to do. But to truly understand the benefits of this fantastic way of working, you have to try it for yourself!


Of course – you can remain a regular outsourcing freelancer, but why not try to harvest local business too. And don’t forget – being on the Localancers’ map means that you are on the world freelance map, too 😉 So Localancers.com is just another great opportunity for you to explore. Why not try it now?

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