Call for Localancers Meet-up Managers

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Great for Developer & Design Interns or people who have huge network and want to monetise it.


You are already here, reading this. This means that you are looking for a more business opportunities. If that’s the case – you are just right for being a Local Meet-up Manager.

What’s expected from a Local Meet-up Manager ?
To be proactive and to facilitate the regional freelance] meet-ups.  To give ideas and to participate into the development of the Localancers platform both offline and online.

What do you get ?
Networking, status, potential financial benefits and many opportunities.

Drop a line in Facebook or Twitter @Localancers with some links to your portfolio and social profiles.
We’ll contact you back.

We are building a global network of people, so there are plenty of spaces , but we’ll stick to:
First come, first served. Locally. 


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