6-1 free stock photography resources for freelancers

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Good stock photography is what every designer, web developer and marketer will always need. Especially those of them who work as freelancer. The internet is full of stock sites but let’s say it – we all prefer to take photos from places whit no copyright restrictions. So the question which remain is where are these web places? It’s a valuable talk and we are putting its beginning with 5 online resources with free stock photography.

  1. LifeOfPix.com


    The place is simply great. What can u get there? You can download for free high quality images. You can use them for both – personal and commercial purposes, because there is no copyrights restrictions. The variety of images is updated on a weekly base, so you can add a reminder to check the website’s database every week, because as J.D.Salinger has said: “Once a week won’t kill you”.

  1. StockSnap.io


    This is a resource which can be of great use not only for designers and developers, but for anyone who has a marketing need for high-resolution images. The website is being updated daily so the variety of content is great and if you have huge volume of work to do, then this place is the right one for your purposes.

  2. Splitshire.com


    What you will find in this website is a collection of beautiful images, created by web designer Daniel Nanescu. The content could be used with no copyright restrictions.

  1. deathtothestockphoto.com

    If you don’t like the idea to follow in order to find free stock photos, then Death To Stock is probably your new favorite resource. Every month you will receive an email in your inbox with variety of images within a certain category. Great option for blogs and social media
  2. Flickr (direct cheat link)

    Where are we going without mentioning Flickr? Nowhere. The good old Flick is always there to help with images. Just click on the advanced search options and choose images, which can be used for “Commercial use”. Then type the keyword and click the search button. The results will be nothing more than free for use images with no copyrights restrictions.

The internet is full of places that we need, but we still don’t know about. So it’s a valuable talk to give, especially for freelancers – designers, web developers, marketers and copywriters. If you have your own top 5 list of useful stock images resources, you’re welcome to share it in the comments.

PS: If you are a fan of the cheap real-life stock photos or a photographer who wants to make some money – check Stockagram.com (new cool startup launching soon).

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