Healthy Tips For Freelancers Who Work From Home

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The list of pluses that the freelance work holds is long but these perks come with responsibility on its own. When you work from home, you will be tempted from junk food, working in bed and getting lazy. These temptations are not healthy and this is why you need to avoid them by sticking to a certain plan. We got some tips for you to accomplish healthy lifestyle while you work on a freelance basis.

Healthy tips for work from home

Define your office space

Office space doesn’t equal your bed. When you go to bed, it must be for relax or sleep. Work should be done on a desk or at least on a place that is not your bed. The main reason is that you will confuse your mind and will think about professional obligations even when you try to take a break. You definitely don’t need that.

Take care of your back

You are a freelancer, which means that you have to work from home and that means that you are the only one responsible for your work environment. This is why you owe it to yourself to take good care for your back. Invest in comfortable and ergonomical chair that will spare you the pain. You can even buy a standing desk, which will be a great way to refresh your body by changing position without breaking your work process.

Change your environment

It’s not a must, but would be crazy not to adjust your home working space in a way that will make you fell less stressful about your work. If you easy get nervous, use an exercise ball. If you love scent candles, then put some around you. If you love gadgets – stock your desk with what makes you feel better and helps you stay productive and focused.

Schedule your day and stock your kitchen

When you work from home it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to step outside your door. You still need to schedule time for sport, make social contacts and get healthy snacks in your kitchen. Avoid chocolate and junk food and get more fruits and veggies. That way you wouldn’t be tempted to constantly open you fridge and distract yourself.

If your daily routine helps you stay healthy while working from home, share your tips in the comments.

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