How to build your freelance portfolio?

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freelance-portfolio-tipsThere are still many people who are not aware of the basic rules for making a winning portfolio. Whether your portfolio is online or in printed format, you have to present yourself in the best possible way, to expose your creative development and your best projects, and at the mean time to show the extent of your abilities.

So the main question is how to build a better portfolio?

If your portfolio is online, you should follow some rules to win the clients’ interest. Keeping thees rules in action is what may bring you good job in the future because of your work in the past.

1. Know your audience. This is the first rule to build a creative portfolio. You must consider the needs of your target, the ones for whom you’re making your portfolio – why are they seeing your portfolio and what they want. This will give you the framework in which you can present yourself.

2. Quality before quantity. Include only your best works. It’s always good to show the way you have walked, but the potential clients want to see what you are capable of now not before you were in college. Showing only your best works will bring you judgment based only on the quality of your performance.

3. Show a bright direction. The clients want what they see. There is no sense in showing them things that you wouldn’t want to do again in the future. A lot of people fall in that trap and it may kill their creativity. That’s why you should focus on showing only the type of work you would want to do.

4. Share you back story. Make sure every piece you include in your portfolio has its own story behind that you can tell. As for example you can explain what was the briefing, for whom the project was created and other information that might be of interest.

5. Keep it simple. Always choose the simple things

Your portfolio is the keyhole to your creative work. The great building of the portfolio is like an inauguration ritual, especially for a designer who would want to work as freelancer. It must show what you are capable of, what skills you hold in your sleeve, how you generate your ideas and what makes you a valuable asset. It truly is your ticket to get new customers.

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