Don’t make these mistakes on twitter, if you’re a freelancer

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There isn’t a freelancer that wouldn’t be happy when someone mentions his work on twitter. When such thing happens, it always results in new followers raising instantly and probably potential clients among them. That’s why it’s crucial to talk about the mistakes you should watch out for on twitter. Because let’s be honest: why would you need to make first impression on twitter if it’s not a great one?

Twitter mistake freelancers should evade

  1. Do not follow too much people at once

What do you do when a profile follows you on twitter? The first thing you look at is the count of followers the profile has. Imagine a profile with 100 followers and 100 000 followings. What would that mean to you? It will definitely raise question about the reliability of the profile. So you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of following too much people at once.

  1. Stop using the default twitter layout

Yeah, you probably haven’t heard of people who use the default twitter layout, but in case you are one of them and you are a freelancer, then you should change that ASAP. If you are freelancing as a graphic designer, then you should do this right away. Identify the professional side of you with nice colors and style. And let’s not forget that if your twitter layout is really impressive, you will have a shot to be featured maybe in article about cool twitter layouts (or mention yourself 😉 ).

  1. Stop with the personal tweets, catch-up with the re-tweets

These two are interconnected. Nobody likes anybody who shares the time when he woke up, then what he ate, then how much sleep he had, then how much hours has spend shopping and etc. Of course you can post personal tweets, but not about every meaningless event in your life On the other hand you don’t have to forget that sometimes valuable contents is shared by others. There is nothing wrong in re-tweeting such content. It will make you look more relevant and will help you balance between the personal tweets and the valuable ones.

  1. Do follow @localancers

Of course you should follow us on @localancers. It would be another way to keep in touch and share your thoughts about your experience with finding new clients and new jobs. If we dont’t follow you right away, say hi and we’ll do so 😉

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