Why You Need To Feature a Freelance Buddy on Localancers?

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It’s an universal life wisdom that buddies are good. They can help you, support you and be useful to you in a lot of situations. But let’s talk about why you will need a buddy if you are a freelancer. You’re probably thinking that freelancing is a lonely business and you are probably right about that. But as it is in life, sometimes freelancers need help from a friend and it’s good for you to have someone in mind for this kind of situations. There are few good reasons about that and this is why each localancers profile could be linked with trusted buddies.

How to be a good freelancer

Why would a freelancer need a buddy?

Buddies can help you mostly with feedback along your work over a freelance project. Of course, you can help buddies with feedback on their projects as well. Actually the mutual benefit is the best case scenario and one of the most effective business relationships. Whatever the case is, it’s always better to have a buddy in mind than not having any. The bonus things about that is that you are sending a good message to your potential clients.

How exactly a buddy can help you stand out in front of a client?

Your profile on localancers supports the option of linking with other freelancers. That’s one wonderful way to show your clients that along with your professional description, you are a good skillsharer as well.  You are associating yourself with certain kind of professionals and this way the clients gets more detailed picture about your professional profile. In case your friends are not on Localancers, give them a word about it and invite them to join. The larger the party is, the greater the benefit might be.

You have interesting stories about sharing mutual benefits with other freelancers? Tell us your story in the comments.

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